Damian Weber
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Damian Weber
Lehrveranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2017/18
Modul Semester Studiengang
Informatik 1 1 KIB
Cryptography Engineering 1 KIM, PIM
Projekt Kryptographie 1 oder 3 KIM, PIM

2017/12Brian Krebs: moderne Phishing Strategien[]
2017/12Algorithmen und medizinische Entscheidungen zu Leben und Tod[]
2017/12Google erzwingt verbesserte Datenschutzrichtlinien von Android-Software[]

	Jerry Leichter, CRYPTO-Mailing-List, zur WPA2-Attacke, 16.10.2017

	It's possible (via a replay attack) to force a party to a
	WPA2 "reset its session" information - to the information 
	it was already using.  
	This includes the key and the nonce and other initialization.  
	This is deadly, because the protocol uses AES as a stream cipher.
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